Working in property: Is it as fulfilling as it can be challenging?!

First things first, working in property is not for everyone. Indeed, it is to be said, working in property requires a high degree of motivation & self drive. The pay cheques can be as irregular as they can be lucrative & it takes a steady character to rise to the challenge.

Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your view), no degree can prepare you for life in the property market. From experience, working in property is an on the job education. This has its benefits as well as it’s drawbacks. For the self motivated, this is ideal. However, for the person who is hesitant to put themselves ‘out there’, this may not be fitting. Working in property requires a specialist skill set. Amongst this is organisational skills as well as business acumen. Most importantly are communicative skills. Indeed, it is to be said, business acumen can be taught, people skills however can not!

The property mashutterstock_263221976rket has in itself many sub-sectors. Deciding where you fit amongst it all can be a task in itself. Like many other fields, working in property often find its basis in mentor led learning. Experience, know-how & connections are the basis & foundation of any fledgling career in the property market. At Rescue My Properties, we have been at the forefront of the British property market for over a decade. From boom to bust & back again, we have worked across the whole of market to obtain invaluable experience. Thus, we actively seek individuals wishing to succeed in the property market to work alongside us.

Bespoke Training

It is not essential to have previous experience in property. We provide in-depth, specialist training for prospective consultant. Indeed, in our experience it is the formative training that provides a strong basis for quick descent of the property career ladder. As a UK-wide property company, we operate under an elite network of property professionals. As a consultant alongside us, you could join out network as well as meeting the who’s who of the property industry. Not only this, we reward our consultant for their hard work. Therefore, they earn unlimited commissions.

Available as a full-time or part-time job, our consultant work their own hours in their own time. Whilst earning an unlimited income, consultants assist property owners with their needs. As a one-stop property shop, Rescue My Properties serves the whole of market, as well as specialising in property problem solutions. From sales & letting to raising finance & all in between, Rescue My Properties can offer property owners a bespoke service unavailable elsewhere. Our consultants actively market our solution to landlords & reap the benefit of their hard work.

Working in property can be tumultuous. As a Rescue Associate Consultant (RAC), this needn’t be the case! If you want to get ahead in property, start today. You can begin training with us immediately. Available for the property novice or the discerning proprietor, our training course is transferable to all skill sets. To access our online training, we charge a £50 fee. As well as access to our online training, this also buys you one-on-one time with head office & access to a network of some of the UK’s leading property professionals.

If you want to work in property, take the first step now. Register for our online training & see where your new career can lead you.
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