Working from home income opportunity

Working from home is the way of the future in meeting many peoples freedom, flexibility, remote working and income needs and we have set up a structure to allow you to achieve your financial goals as well as allowing you the perfect work life balance.    Undoubtedly, there are many ways of creating a new income from working from home and we encourage you to explore other opportunities that could help you meet your family and work life balance objectives.  We are rescue my properties feel we have gone the extra mile to give you a comprehensive toolkit to meet your every to need to kick-start your home working income opportunity.

Many working from home roles or remote working jobs require a computer and internet use. Some common examples include online tutoring, internet research, blogging, freelance writing, transcription services, website design, fundraising management and consultancy.  Where we come in is consultancy.  Our consultants are part of a growing team across the UK that are taking advantage of their ability to work from home and reap the benefits.

View our home working self-employed roles

We have 3 different roles if you are considering working from home.   You can work at home on any level as a consultant at a speed and pace as well as a role that suits your skill base… You can start as a consultant- Rescue Associate Consultant OR intermediate level – Associate Agent  (AA) or  a MBSAH (MG).  See below what each role entails:

Working from home – RAC – Rescue Associate Consultant

The Rescue Associate Consultant works from home – They will need to complete our online training course so that they can carry out surgeries with clients and complete a full information pack which includes:

  •  basic understanding of their personal finances
  • business information
  • portfolio spreadsheets detailing information on the properties
  • a WellBeing fact find
  •  explanation of fees
  •  fee submission

A RAC will need to have the following knowledge and skills to ensure a quality approach in client meetings.

  • Methodical
  • Attention to detail
  • Customer facing
  • Innate understanding of properties and the associated costs
  • Ideally from a property management or portfolio background
  • Understanding of mortgages
  • Understand property management or maintenance
  • Handling opening and closing meetings with clients

Working from home – AA – Associated Agent

Not limited to a professional role, anybody who has access to distressed landlords or people in the property industry and may employ the services for a RAC to complete the necessary documents and details required from a potential client to enter the Rescue My Properties solution. This includes:

  • Accountant
  • Solicitors
  • Broker
  • Property Sourcer
  • Networker
  • Insolvency Practitioner
  • Debt Management Company

Working from home – Master Business Support Agreement Holder – MBSAH

This Agreement holder will be responsible for a region or country e.g. Northern Ireland. This person or Company will be responsible for arranging all commission agreements with AA, RAC and HSLA providers.

In certain cases where the market predicts a MBSAH may be issued to an area or zone rather than a country.

Advantages of working from home:

Working from home can an excellent way  of arranging your hours so you get more time with your family in the morning or evening.  At the same time expenses you can save will be enormous.  Also, your time and the bother of commuting will allow you a better quality of life.

“Working from home is has released by inner spirit as I get spend more time with my parents who are elderly and live locally and my 3 children.  I can do the school run them at lunchtime and am here for them when they arrive back in the evenings.  I don’t know why didn’t think of it before!!”

Our experience in working from home consultants are example:  “I have had to find more discipline a bit like going to work, but at home to make sure I find that perfect balance with work and play.. but now I have that choice.. that I never experienced before and I love the idea of being my own boss!!’’

Some consultants working from home have struggled initially to find the discipline.. but there perseverance has paid off and it has help in their marriage, health, relationships, finances and more…:

‘’I know it has taken time for me to build by discipline and I am now reaping the benefits… without the investment in stepping up a proper structure, system, team and discipline.. then working from home benefits would have been limited!’’

Working from home advantages and disadvantages


  • Limited or no commuting required (especially if your partner to does the school run)
  • More time with the children in the morning/evening
  • Annual leave will be a thing of the past… as you will be able to make arrangement for house visits without it interfering with your holiday schedules e.g. waiting for the plumber attend at your house turn up between 7 am and 8 pm
  • Working from home allows you to take your breaks when you want


  • Working at home is not for everyone as you need to be disciplined about your priorities of your work and not getting distracted by any household chores or by your children.
  • You need a proper space to work without distractions

Rescue My properties – the three golden rules of working from home

  1. Discipline and time management are critical if you are working from home. You have to resist the temptation of getting distracted by your day to day household chores e.g. gardening, dishwasher, ironing, making snack every half hour..
  2. Childcare is important for working at home. You need to ensure that most of your time is not spent on childcare and you will need adequate support from your spouse, nursery or extended family to give you quality time to be successful in you new income opportunity.

working from home means in capitals ‘WORKING’

The most difficult part of  working from home getting down to doing the work!   So you will need to be organised and have a certain work ethic if you are to succeed!  Unfortunately, procrastinating is not compatible with home-working.

One of our consultants takes extreme measures which keep her focused: “I use a time manager system that keeps me check and I organize my whole year in advance, with a monthly, weekly and daily target list, task list and review list… it has guaranteed my success, although it did take me at least 1 month to get my spouse to help me to keep me on task and target.  Having a friend or a family member or a coach from Rescue My Properties who can help you by being your observer can help you succeed.  “

We suggest you timetable your working from home work – schedule breaks so you feel justified taking them. Breaking your day into chunks of work can also help.

“Using 45-minute rule which has been really, really helpful. ‘If you tell yourself you’ll only work for 45 minutes at a time, which is easily doable. Then you can take a break, but more often than not after 45 minutes you will have found your flow and you will be really focused.

Our consultants when working from home find keeping a time sheet helps, which is often a requirement of the job if you work for someone else.

Some advice and tips if you are looking to work from home

If you are serious about committing to working from home and working as a consultant Rescue My Properties? If so, Lakhi Singh – Head of Sales and Marketing for Rescue My Properties has some tips:

1.Time management

2.Networking – Networking will help your profile, your lead generation prospects and increase your income.

3.Core competency: You need to focus on your core competency and fill in the gaps after that.  If you are excellent at generating leads, but not good at meeting clients then find other teams members who have complementary skills.

4.Set appointment out of your house! This is my number one tip for anyone who works from home and there are 5 very good reasons for this:

a.Attend local events or networking related to property locally or regionally: This will you keep you updated on your industry and give you a lot more tools when engaging with new clients

  1. Training and development: will increase your knowledge and help you meet like minded teams and individuals in the property and finance sector.
  2. Clarity of mind… You can get insular working from home, especially if you do not interact with anyone all day at home and left just working at home with no external communication.
  3. Energy & enthusiasm – You will give yourself a renewed burst of energy and it will help your business running a business.
  4. You will feel like a real member of network or a community. One of the downsides of being a work from home business person is that there that you get very little acknowledgement. Hence, feeling a sense of acknowledgement and getting out is key in keeping yourself motivated.
  5. Set clear boundaries with your family and friends – this will help you to ensure that work space is an area for work only and will stop you getting distracted by minor matters from other things happening in your household. You are much more likely to spend time working from home effectively if you really enjoy your setting and environment.
  6. Excellent Communication with your partner – working from home can be disruptive for both partners if you don’t have effective communication and you not communicated what you need to be effective in this new way of working. You need to be able to sell the benefits of home working to your partner and your children and ensure they support you in your new working from approach. Undoubtedly, there will be issues or obstacles which will come up. From my experience, I suggest setting up written agreement which may sound a bit over the top, but in the long run will keep all family members in check about what they can or cannot do whilst you are working at home.  This will help them also to keep in check as they may easily forget the key rules you want to establish.  Having a wall-chart with the key points in summary firmly placed on your door will alleviate any stresses going forward.
  7. Social intrusion when working from home. – You will need to be very firm with friends and family and if they call for a social chat during your work time, tell them you’ll call them back. Even better is to set up a second telephone line and to ignore any calls that come through on the home phone.
  8. Getting childcare in place is critical. You need to have back-up arrangements to your normal day to day childcare. Ensure you do some contingency planning and create a list of alternative childcare options.
  9. Make sure you have your lunch when working from home –make sure you have a defined lunch hour. Regular breaks are key to ensuring your clarity and focus on your work.
  10. Health and wealth –I encourage all our consultants to take as a minimum moderate exercise every day. We all complain that we want to be healthier of lose weight, when working from home it is a great opportunity to structure an exercise regime.

Lakhi Singh – Head of sales and marketing – Rescue My Properties

Working from home as a consultant!

If you feel you have good people skills, some knowledge of property and have the ability to generate leads or have a network of people … then there is more than a 50% chance you are perfectly place to take advantage of this work from home opportunity.  Of course, working from home is not the only way, we will help you to choose the right environment to help you hit your income requirements.  Consultants can work from home and still set up meetings in local hotels, or even set up their meetings in other businesses such as estate agents, accountants, mortgage brokers etc…

What benefits do you offer for those working from home compared to other organisations doing the same in the UK?

Over the last 10 years we have tried and tested our working from home income opportunity and we have the ethos that ‘feedback is the food of champions’ … hence, we have systematically gone out to improve every aspect of our consultants ‘new income journey’… Where we excel is that our support in getting you up to speed and mentoring you to help you with your success is a human, robust and also systematic process…. We have left no stone unturned to get you to your working at home income targets!!

What is in my working home toolkit?

At this imperative stage you would get full toolkit before you start your working from home journey & be fully licensed to operate for us.  Upon clearance you will receive your licensing as well as but not limited to:

  • Official signage to set up surgery for meetings.
  • Personalized business cards.
  • Access to our extensive CRM/client database.
  • Connection & access to Head Office.
  • One on one access to company directors & regular webinars.
  • Inclusion in all marketing campaigns.

Want to start working from home?  Find out how!

Simple step by step process when working from home

The training is divided into easy to follow modules can be completed whilst working from home and based upon your what role you want to come into the consultancy role. This makes it easy to follow the training step by step. You will find that you are building your work from home business while you do your training. This means that you have the opportunity to start earning an income while you are still learning the system.

Working from home – Helpful Community and Support

Working from Home does not mean you are working alone! You will never feel alone as a member of our community. Our members will offer helpful support, and our senior staff  ready to help you if you get stuck, feel overwhelmed or just need to ask something. Join the live webinars or discuss with your business coach. It’s also valuable to be a part of some of the webinars and weekly and monthly seminars in the community to share ideas with each other.

A Proven System that allow you to work from home

The system has been tried and tested over the last 10 years and it is 100% proven to work. Now it’s up to you what you would like to do with it. The result of your income streams depends on your time, effort and continuity you put into your business. And your dreams off course… what it is you want to achieve? Do you want  be full time or are you looking for an extra income stream.

Want to work from home – Book a free taster meeting now!

Rescue My Properties  are the leading network for property portfolio landlords looking to expand and deal with any debt issues.  If you are interested in working from home you can contact us on 0207 127 6536 or please fill in our enquiry for an information pack.  Once you have received your information pack we will make contact to set up a suitable time for you to meet our team and attend our weekly or monthly meeting to give you a presentation on the opportunity.

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