Testimonials - Rescue My Properties

Rescue my properties have turned my portfolio around in literally 16 weeks. Before I had no choice but to go bankrupt as I was over geared and locked in a narrow psychology of not seeing the wood for the trees!! Rescue my properties first worked with me and understood who I am, my values and my direction and made my understand how much potential I had and helped me to take charge over the portfolio and discipline myself to do the essentials. Then the provided the framework for me to implement the audit and analysis to get an understanding how to identify the issues in the business. Then they helped me to implement a strategy to bring me to a positive cash flow every month. I was surprised that they could really teach you how to fish abundantly rather then just give you a fish!
Mrs. Caroline A. Anslow




Rescue my properties came to the rescue when I found that I was being charged extortionate bridging fees when purchasing a £1.2m portfolio with development potential. With their breadth of knowledge and depth of expertise soon were able to find me bridging at half the price and to this day I remain completely indebted to them as they were very reasonable in the small commissions they charged me and how quickly, efficiently and easily it was all masterminded.
Mr. Malcolm Smith