Specialist Advisors - Rescue My Properties


Specialist advisers on mortgage debt:

The team of consultants behind Rescue My Properties have helped over 3000 clients in the past 8 years to deal with their property related problems of a secured and unsecured nature.

We were formed to solve a particular problem in the market and we have brought the best in the business together, comprising of:

  • Top property consultants including: global property funds, property portfolio turnaround specialists, liquidators, estate agents , construction and property development experts, below market value experts, auction experts, conveyancers and barristers
  • Life coaches dealing with stresses of debt management and life balance
  • Top property management accountants
  • International property business executives & coaches
  • Creative mortgage financiers for buy to let, residential and commercial
  • Short-term bridging finance experts
  • Debt management consultants

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