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The Stigma of Negative Equity

Negative equity occshelter from negative equityurs when a property asset is worth less than the loan secures against it. The term ‘negative equity’ is often thrown about with little understanding. Following the property crash, this has become a buzzword amongst property circles. Nevertheless, the lack of knowledge in regards to the issue of negative equity can be astounding. Property owners afflicted by the scourge of negative equity may be surprised to hear they are not alone in their property problems. Due to the ignorance & stigma surrounding negative equity, property owners & landlords are not forth coming with the issues.

Get Shelter from Negative Equity

At Rescue My Properties, we are negative equity specialists. We want property owners to realise they are not alone in dealing with negative equity issues. Indeed, Rescue My Properties can offer shelter from negative equity for property owners in distress. As leading experts in the issues of negative equity, Rescue My Properties is aware of the widespread disease ravaging the property market. Typically, our clients are hard-working individuals, often self-employed, who have worked tirelessly in order to purchase a buy-to-let property. Factors beyond control such as the temperamental property market then lead to the buy-to-let property being greatly devalued. We as a company have seen this run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. The resulting negative equity puts a large strain on the property owners finances, having a detrimental to affect on their lives. With seemingly little help available, it may appear the property owners is unable to find shelter from negative equity.

Rescue My Properties can offer shelter from negative equity to property owners. If you need shelter from negative equity, speak to the negative equity experts. We are willing & able to supply help & assistance to for property owners in need of shelter from negative equity. Not just this, we are pleased to offer free consultations to discuss negative equity issues with any property owner facing the harrowing problem. If you require shelter from negative equity, you are not alone. Rescue My Properties deals with dozens of similar cases weekly. In order to claim a free consultation with an industry expert, get in contact now. There is shelter from negative equity available. Get help now.

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