Self-employed business

Working in a self-employed business is where an individual works for himself or herself instead of working for an employer which pays a regular salary or a wage normally on a pay basis.A self-employed individual or business earns their income through a profitable operation from trading or a business that they  operate themselves.  Rescue My Properties is a perfect choice for a new comer wanting to get into self-employment.

Benefits of being a self-employed business

The benefits of having a self-employed business working with Rescue My Properties are numerous:


  • The independence and  freedom to fit work around your personal and family life
  • You are only answerable to yourself and also to your clients
  • You can get away from  the cost, time and pressure of commuting
  • You get to work on different projects,  whilst working with different companies, and get to mix and mingle with new people
  • You take responsibility for your own company’s success, so if you are self-motivated and have good leadership skills you may find as self-employed business is a perfect path


  • If you are used to working in employment you may find the security of a self-employed business difficult to cope with
  • You will not get paid holidays
  • Running a self-employed business may not suit you as you may find it difficult to cut of work from home
  • Working from home may make you feel isolated

What makes a self-employed business successful

10 way sure ways to ensure Self-Employed business Success

Starting a self-employed business is very exciting and can be tough all the at same time. You hope you will do well, but at the same time you worry things might not go exactly as may plan. We at Rescue My Properties have found 10 sure ways to ensure your self-employed success:

Running your self-employed business brings with it a number of benefits. For example, you get to be your own boss and organize your own time. That is something that most of us would love to do!!.Secondly, you get do the decision-making, the freedom to work with teams and people of your own choice, and if you hit success, you get to reap the fruits of your work through  financial rewards.

Being a self-employed business can also presents a number of challenges, and properly organizing and  maintaining a new business can take time and lots of work. If you’re thinking about going into a self-employed business or you’re looking for ways to improve your already existing company, then our 10 tips below will help anyone looking at self-employment for themselves or at Rescue My Properties to support their success!!

1.A passion for success for your self-employed business

The most important key to your success is your passion. Motivating yourself is critical to your self-employed business .Hence, in order to combat this problem, make sure that you really and truly have faith in the work that you do. Find an business that fulfills you and gives you a sense of self purpose. If you really love your business and what you do, it will be much easier to give it the care and attention it needs to succeed and hit your financial results.

2.Have a target for your self-employed business

You will need to set achievable goals.In order be successful in your self-employed business  you need to know what you want, understand what it will take to get there and then implement a plan in order to arrive at your targets. In the begging when establishing your business, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve. e.g. How many clients do you want?What profit margins? Do you hope to work with a target market e.g. company or individual? Once you are clear what targets you want to achieve with your business, then work backwards to understand the steps you need to take to achieve your targets!

3.Networking is critical to any self-employed business

There is a saying that success in business isn’t a matter of what you know, but rather who you know. This may not be entirely true, but it can have a fundamental impact on the success of your business.The attendance at networking events and trade shows in your industry and in your field, could help you build up a big list of contacts that will make it easier to help you to succeed. Your network could help you build a healthy team of experts in your field.

4.Develop a Support Team for your self-employed business     

It is often said that creating a self-employed business requires a comprehensive team to support you in your success. This could be a combination of experts in your industry or business support individuals e.g. Accountants, solicitor etc.Having a support team is similar to networking, but it serves a slightly different need. Your support team can anyone who has a vested personal interest in your continued success. Think of these people as your emotional support team, there to provide help, perseverance and encouragement, pick you up after a difficult experience or offer advice about the direction of your business.

5.A clear Brand for your self-employed business

Effective branding is all about creating a clear  identity for your business in the minds of customers or anyone who is associated with your business. You need to ensure your brand is consistent and clear in every aspect of marketing and branding as, you will likely need to create a professional website as well a profile for your company across various social media platforms, such as google + Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc.

6.Success come with a Flexible attitude towards your self-employed business

Flexibility will allow you to adapt to a wide range of obstacles and setbacks. In order to succeed, business owners need to be flexible. If your approach isn’t working for whatever reason, it may be necessary to change up your strategy or plan and try something different. Do an honest analysis of your business, and understand its biggest strengths and weaknesses and make the changes required.

7.Specialist knowledge in your business will help your self-employed business

Having specialist knowledge can be critical to your success in your business or in the running of your business. So if you are from a finance background and want to sell mortgages, having knowledge in this area will support you in your on-going success and help you deal with obstacles and issues that otherwise you may not be aware of.

8.Business Mentor for your self-employed business

Having a business mentor can help you deal with any issues and potentials of your business that you may not be aware of if you have limited knowledge of your industry.  Any self-employed business can avoid the pitfalls and experience can count for a lot in dealing with these type of problems.

9.Access to customers – self-employed business

Sometimes, lead generation, getting new business can be a very difficult if you have not get a sales or marketing background.Have a clear strategy in place to counter any issues you may have prior to starting in your self-employed business can be critical.

10.Cost Management needs to be effective to manage the success of your self-employed business

Managing your costs is critical in your success and taking on too many costs too early is a mistake a lot of self-employed business people make.Having an accountant or business consultant who understand your business and its finances can play a crucial part in dealing with your start up, growth and establishment of your business.

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