Anonymous asked July 4, 2014

I recieve DSS payments and my previous manager said I must find a property that accepts these payments. I am living in a REDROW property in Oldham, and would like to move to Manchester.

  1. This is an issue that will differ from landlord to landlord, although it is worth noting that at the current time you might have an issue with finding a landlord who will work with you when you are receiving benefits. For many, people receiving DSS payments are seen as being 'high risk' and with demand for rental properties being as high as it is at the moment, most will prefer to go with someone who is paying through more conventional methods if they are able to find one. That's not to say that you have no chance of finding a tenancy though - it just might take quite a bit more digging in order for you to do so. The first thing you could try is to get in contact with the local council and see if they have any lists of landlords in the private sector who would be happy to work with people on DSS.
  2. Hi,
    This depends on whether the Landlord is willing to accept DSS tenants. Best thing would be to phone some local agents and ask if they have any properties available where the Landlord would accept DSS. Hope that helps.

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