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N244 Application: What is it for?

A N244 Application Notice is the official form to be completed in order to secure any Eviction Hearing with a District Judge. This is prior to any eviction hearings.

The N244 Application is quite a detailed form. The N244 Application must be completed & be legally correct for the Judge to be prepared for any hearing. All information included should be derived from points of law. The more detail & evidence included in the submission the better.

N24N244 Application4 Application: How do I complete this?

An N244 application can be quite complex to complete. As this is the main document the Judge will base his decision upon, it is of extremely high importance.  Should you omit any information you later rely upon, your case could potentially be dismissed.

When you are supplied with an eviction date, you will need to complete a N244 Application. The N244 Application Notice will be used to secure your hearing with a District Judge. You submit your N244 Application Notice to the court over the counter. The court will take into account how quickly you submitted the the N244 application.  The court may also want to know the reason for any delay. Hence, an N244 Application should be made as quickly as possible, with all the correct information intact. The process which requires both speed & accuracy of point can be very stressful. Completion of the N244 Application can be difficult. However, there is help for the N244 Application available.

N244 Application: Get Expert Help

Rescue My Properties is able to help distressed property owners in completing the N244 Application. In most circumstances, we are able to stop an eviction or repossession within 24 hours.  Nevertheless, the longer Rescue My Properties has to prepare your case the better the outcome.  We will need to have a complete picture of your personal circumstance. At Rescue My Properties, we see the person behidn the problem. We take a fresh pproach to each client case. Therefore, we create a tailored solution to the problem itself.

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More N244 Application Information
The Minsitry of Justice give more information on N244 Application forms
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