Introduction to

Rescue My Properties


The first Emergency service for distressed buy-to-let mortgages in the UK


Quote from a Rescue Associate Consultant (RAC) on an unencumbered portfolio:

“In a depression cash is king. Anyone who has access to cash in this market is able to grow their portfolio and get fantastic yields providing they have a plan and a strategy”

Quote from  Rescue Associate Consultant on a 50% Loan to Value (LTV) and high yielding portfolio:

 “Property is business and like all good businesses your profit is on purchase. Understanding of the model is important with property, the money and profits are directly relative to the purchase price.”

Quote from Rescue Associate Consultant on the challenges faced in the property market:

 “The ultimate challenge for a consultant is to assist their clients in coming to terms with the illusionary value of property, when in essence these properties are burdened with debt and liabilities……”

“…It is a tremendous process for my clients to go through when they release themselves from their property burdens…..hence once a person becomes free from these constraints they start to see the true benefits of moving on to the next stage of their lives.”

An analogy of the present day property market:

You have been sold a car from a bona fide car dealer that was seen to be in reasonable condition. After driving it away your exhaust falls off, then the electrics fail and the engine seizes up.

To compound the problem the car market has crashed, therefore each day the value of this car is falling and you are perpetually paying for the problem that this car has given you.

The dealer then refuses to accept liability and you are lumbered with the financial responsibility of trying to keep this car on the road (because that’s the way the contracts are designed).

Rescue My Properties effectively becomes your road side assistance in helping you to remove the vehicle from the road, reducing all your liabilities of tax, insurance and MOT.

The obvious result being that the car is seen for what it really is ‘a pile of scrap’ and Rescue My Properties help you to potentially convert it into cash.


Welcome to DP3



DP3 is short for the Detox Property Portfolio Programme which helps landlords with property portfolios in different ways, primarily to grow, consolidate and improve cash flow. It is the culmination of our expertise and experience gained in our business consultancy service line. Our consultants have worked closely with experts whose depth and breadth of knowledge in the property market have made them extremely prominent in this sector.

This panel of experts include: property specialists, barristers, legal experts, financial accountants, tax experts, mortgage brokers, insolvency practitioners, debt management specialists and Harley Street practitioners.


Rescue My Properties has a turnkey solution with seamless phases that cover:


  • Providing support to clients
  • Assessment of personal, business and property finances
  • Auditing of ones present position with regards to their Properties income and expenses (The Portfolio Health Check)
  • Tailored business strategy, planning and implementation advice
  • In cases where clients want growth in their property portfolio – we provide access to property funds and exclusive rights to acquisition of off-market asset
  • In cases where clients want to consolidate their property portfolios –we
  • arrange the transference of their properties to the Rescue My Properties teamNegotiating on behalf of the clients with the banks(ranging from credit cards, loans, overdrafts and mortgage debt)

DP3 clients

 Like any comprehensive market product the DP3 Programme has a buyer and a seller.

The Seller

We assist in the sale of our clients’ properties, by personally introducing the asset(s) to investors, cash rich buyers and in certain cases property funds.


In order for our patrons to take advantage of current market circumstances, we provide them access to our exclusive off market properties.

DP3 Programme customer experience

Phase 1 – Client Fact-find:  All of our new clients go through a brief consultation to establish where they are, and to clarify their goals and potentials of increasing their portfolio cash flow.

Phase 2Portfolio Health check: After the free consultation, the Rescue My Properties team continue to assist you by compiling a detailed fact find on their property portfolio. Based on this, we determine how we can help them plan, grow, consolidate or reduce your property stock – in order to bring their goals to fruition.  In addition, to this stage, we take great care of our client, offering them participation of our ‘Well Being Programme’ as a complimentary added service.

Phase 3 – Formalising our relationships:  Once our client is confident about the strategy they wish to adopt i.e. buying/selling properties or consolidating their existing portfolio, we enter into a formalised arrangement with them – as presented in the diagram marked ‘The Detox Opportunity’.

Stopping repossessions

Writing off mortgage debt

Potential compensation for loss of properties to the banks




Expert Knowledge of debt restructuring and asset consolidation



Supports individuals and

businesses, in order to raise short-term finance for their business or project goals.

With up to 120% LTV in certain cases, subject to terms and conditions