Increase Your Managed Properties - Get More Stock


How to increase your stock of managed properties:

Over the last few years Rescue My Properties have held seminars around the country helping management agents and sales agents to get more properties to manage and sell. Rescue My Properties works with Management Consultants For You to operate a UK wide property stock referral system. If you are a management agent or a sales agent please contact us for a free consultation and to register on our panel of agents. You can increase your managed properties.

Please see below for any updates on our Road shows on ‘How to increase managed properties’ across the United Kingdom. We will be holding these events every 6 months.

Would you like to take more properties on to Manage?

  • Speak to an experienced team and identify where your business interests lie.
  • MC-4U have devised cutting edge solutions to deal with the uncertainty of the economy and the effect it has on the property market.
  • Our solution helps struggling landlords to cope with the burden of running their portfolios with limited resources.
  • We offer managing agents the opportunity to take over properties from landlords to create a win-win solution.
  • You will be introduced to the MC-4U Team and presented with questionnaires and information documents for your perusal.
  • The Directors of the company will discuss the reality of the present market condition followed by the introduction of our Agreement, Stock DP3 Portfolio Programme and client successes so far!
  • Finally you will have the opportunity to present your comments and feedback and we will answer any questions you may have about our programme and the stock we require to be managed.

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