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Debt Write-Off – Debt Removal Programme

Rescue My Properties help clients to write-off their debts. The spearhead to Rescue My Properties business is working on property portfolio clients who have taken on debts which have either the potential to become unmanageable or have gone out of control and they are in debt problems

Rescue My Properties run a product called DRP61 which supports clients through the end to end process of getting the totality of their debts written off.

DRP61 – Debt Management – Runs concurrently from phase 3 to phase 8

Do you guarantee success in debt removal?

There are no guarantees in debt removal. Each case is treated individually and lenders criteria for negotiating debt removal vary.

Can I benefit financially from the sale of my properties once I have signed up with you?

Yes you can. We have a simple formula for ensuring that you benefit from any sale of your property providing a finder’s fee is paid. In case of equity being released from the property, if the equity released is higher than the finder’s fee then the client is entitled to keep all the equity, but not entitled to the finder’s fee.

How do you define a soft landing?

A soft landing is removing you from the day-to-day pressures of your property problems. Thus, allowing you the comfort of the cash that you presently earn from your properties and assisting you in dealing with the lenders. You will have a support team of dedicated professionals helping you through every phase and ensure a soft landing rather than be in a position where you are on your own.

Debt write off

Options for clearing your debts – England and Wales

If you’re struggling to pay day-to-day bills, or to keep up with loan repayments and other financial commitments, there are a number of options open to you to help clear your debts. We outline some of the most common options you may have heard of below. However, don’t make any decisions on your own – before you do anything get free, independent, expert advice.

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