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Rescue Associate Consultant
The leading network of property consultants in the UK…


We are an organisation that specialises in helping property investors and landlords as well as property owners in 3 ways:

  1. Property Growing Strategy
  2. Consolidating Existing Portfolios
  3. Assisting Clients in dealing with Distressed Properties UK Wide

Why Clients Choose Us

We are a one-stop-shop for all property problems. We are the only organisation in the UK that can deal with property holistically including assistance in:  tax planning, secured and unsecured finance, property and business consultancy, accounts, legal, stopping repossession, negative equity, selling & letting of properties.

Why Consultants Choose Us

  • Low cost
  • High commissions (OTE full-time £10k + Pcm, OTE – P-time – £5k + Pcm)
  • Ability to operate UK wide
  • Property solutions (as and when interest rates grow up with will be a massive growth areas)
  • Over 10 years of history and case studies.

Welcome to Rescue Associate Consultant Training

You can begin earning commissions immediately if you are really keen. You simply refer a potential client to us!  The basic package allows you the following benefits:

  1. 7% commissions on fees on any leads generated and provided to Head Office
  2. Access to mentoring, training and events:
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Free one to one session to get you kick started
  1. Online training access for 1 month giving you a comprehensive understanding of
  • How you can make in excess of £5000 pcm part-time
  • Tools and techniques to generate leads and convert business
  • Understand how to optimize your skills for sucess

Here is general overview or background to our credentials:

Rescue Associate Consultants (RAC) are amongst the elite of property. Associates are fully aware of the issues facing the financial sector. They recognize the Rescue My Properties solution to problems largely ignored by the mass market. RAC enjoy full flexibility, working their own hours & earning income whilst making a difference. RAC assist property portfolio owners by either simply referring them to us, or advising them of our unique and tailored products, earning lucrative commissions in the process.

If you choose to become a basic Associate, you can then complete our in house Training and proceed to the next level.

Become part of our network by full membership

At this stage you would get our full credentials & be allowed to operate for us this entails a £500 fee.  Upon clearance you will receive our support and network access but not limited to:

  • Personalized business cards.
  • Official signage to set up surgery for meetings.
  • Access to our network platform with a variety of services and products.
  • Access to our CRM to input your new clients
  • For you to keep live update on progress of clients.
  • Connection & access to Head Office.
  • One on one access to company trainer & regular webinars.
  • Inclusion in all marketing campaigns.

It is important to note that you begin to earn commissions immediately, you do not have to wait for the access to the network.

For further information on becoming a Associate with us, please read the ‘Becoming a RAC’ brochure attached.

If you would like further information detailing of our services, please read the ‘Benefits of Property Portfolio’ document attached also.

Earning potential is unlimited!

Ideal clients are:

  1. Property finance
  2. Property debt
  3. Property legal issues
  4. Property sales & lettings
  5. Property consultancy/ tax solutions
  6. business consultancy


Example case study of a recent client commission pay out:

Client A

CLIENT NEEDS: Mr and Mrs X have 45 properties in Derby and run a successful online business but have accumulated £300,000 of loans and credit cards they cannot sustain easily without taking proactive action to rectify this problem!

Client paid following fees to create a total solution:

  1. £350.00 – health check on their finances –as they didn’t realize they had a problem prior to this
  2. £2500.00 – for a full audit
  3. £2500 – to help secure finance
  4. £15,000 – charged for business consultancy
  5. Total = £20,050.   Total Commission (10% from 2.3. and 4.) £2050 (£50 from the Health check)

Client B

CLIENT NEEDS:  Mr X had 14 properties in Manchester.  He had a legal issue with a bank, a finance requirement, a sale requirement and a debt issue.

We provided all 4 services (legal, finance, sale, debt restructure) to the client and paid 10% of our earnings to the client from the 10,000 fees collected.  Total Commission payment: £1000 Consultant merely introduced the client.

Client C

CLIENT NEEDS: Mrs X has three properties in Yorkshire. She is having financial problems and choses to go through our Health check on her finances to understand her options.

Health check: £350

Commission £50