Negative Equity | Buy To Let | Mortgage Arrears | Stop Repossession

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Negative Equity | Buy to let | Mortgage Arrears

Rescue My Properties helps buy to let landlords with distressed mortgages in creating a clear solution to debt issues and negative equity problems. negative equity

Do you need help with the following:

  • Anxiety over financial problems
  • FREE buy-to-let portfolio health check
  • Mortgage arrears / Negative equity
  • Stopping repossession
  • Getting advance rent or raising finance
  • Removal of toxic secured and unsecured debt
  • Negotiating with debt agencies and creditors
  • Help you deal with CVA/IVA/bankruptcy problems
Want help with buy-to-let cost reduction?

  • Landlord Insurance
  • Portfolio sales anywhere in the UK
  • Insurance protection against interest rate hike
  • Reduction in property services and fee charges
  • Reduction in repair and maintenance costs
  • Rent insurance
  • Reduction in management fees

Buy-to-Let Portfolio Help

Rescue My Properties can help with any distressed situation:

  • FREE – Distressed property audit | Property debt consolidation
  • Buy to let mortgage problems | Mortgage arrears | Negative equity negotiations
  • Quick property sale | Property management | Property debt management
  • Property re-finance | Bridging finance
  • Claims against banks | LPA receivers | Stop repossession | Stop eviction

Negative Equity

Negative equity occurs when the value of an asset used to secure a loan is less than the outstanding balance on the loan.  Negative equity can Rescue My Properties have created a total solution to any property debt issue.

LPA Receivers

LPA Receivers are court appointed at the request of lenders. LPA Receivers are then in control of your properties.  LPA Receiver law can be confusing & difficult to navigate. Rescue My Properties are industry experts in LPA Receivership issues. Rescue My Properties can help you to dis-instruct LPA receivers. Rescue My Properties have total solution to any repossession or LPA receiver issue.

Mortgage Arrears

Rescue My Properties can help you deal with the fall-out with your bank when you have started missing mortgage payments. When landlords are in arrears, lenders have the right to take legal action. This is where Rescue My Properties can help you to work out the best way of dealing with the problem. Do you need more information about mortgage arrears? Do you need help to stop repossession? We can assist you with mortgage arrears & stopping repossession. Get in touch with Rescue My Properties now.

Stop Repossession

Repossession can happen to anyone, at any time. Should you fall into arrears, the lender has the right to file for repossession. Once in motion, repossession situations can rapidly spiral out of control.  If you are about to be repossessed it can be a very traumatic time for you. You may wish to stop repossession but are unaware of your options. Rescue My Properties have an in-house team who are equipped to stop repossession within 24 hours or earlier. You can stop repossession. At Rescue My Properties we are willing & able to stop repossession UK wide.

Stop Eviction

Eviction can be a daunting process. The eviction process can seem unfair. Eviction could determine your removal from your very home.  If you are facing repossession or eviction, this can be a massive source of stress.  At Rescue My Properties, we have tailored solutions to stop eviction & stop repossession. Alongside oursister organisation we can stop your eviction within hours. Do you wish to stop eviction? Do you need assistance to stop eviction? Are you looking for stop eviction help? Ring now to speak to a member of Head Office to stop eviction.

Buy-to-Let Mortgage Problems

Rescue My Properties has extensive experience of helping landlords with buy-to-let portfolios deal with buy-to-let mortgage problems. Developed over a decade of experience, Rescue My Properties have created a total solution for any buy-to let mortgage problems. Are you experiencing buy-to-let mortgage problems? Do you have enquiries in regards to buy-to-let mortgage problems? Call Rescue My Properties. We offers free no obligation one to one consultations for property owners with buy-to-let mortgage problems. Get the buy-to-let mortgage problems in your portfolio solved with Rescue My Properties.

Property Sales & Management

At Rescue My Properties, we can help you manage or sell any property. We can arrange this through our property management and property sales team. We sell and manage properties in the UK and Ireland. We have a UK wide management and maintenance team which can help reduce your costs of management. Are you finding property sales & management fees too high? Do you wish to explore your property sales & management options? Speak to us now to discuss property sales & management choices.
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